About Althaus Law

Our Mission

In short, our mission is to be the best estate planning attorneys for the everyday person, providing impactful and convenient services to our local community.

The full version is that first and foremost, we love making people’s lives better and making work a place we love. We do this by being the best estate planning attorneys for the everyday person, not the super wealthy, because we are everyday people too. We have small offices in different suburbs, not downtown ritzy buildings, with meetings available within two weeks to be convenient to our clients while offering only the services directly tied to estate planning. We offer probate representation when it is uncontested as a way to provide this much needed service and to create the best estate plans for our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow and continue our mission throughout Colorado, helping to improve the lives of those around us.

By being our genuine selves, we can help people deal with the difficult legal processes that surround death and give them peace of mind, while providing probate and estate planning that keeps families together. There is always something to look forward to with family, and we want to keep probate and estate planning from getting in the way of that.

Our Why

We are Planners, Guides, and Protectors

We truly care and want to make a difference in the world. Not only do we have the goal of keeping families together, but we want to change the legal practice in its entirety. At Althaus Law, we want the experience here for both clients and team members to be so great they can’t wait to tell their friends about it.

While we realize we can’t change everything about the practice of law, we hope to make a big impact. Come help us make the world a better place together - here are two ways we do it every day.

Happy People Make People Happy

At Althaus Law, we’re all equal - our partners take out the trash, answer the phones, and seat clients. We believe by treating people well, we’ll collect the best talent and encourage other firms to change their practices.


We Focus on Client Care and Compassion

When clients see how compassionate we are, how much we are able to help them, and how we do not gouge their pockets for all their money, they tell their friends. When that reputation spreads, other firms will have to start treating their clients the same way, or risk losing all their clients

Our Core Values

Honest Services – Awesome Environment

Creating an estate plan can be stressful with a lot of unknowns. Our lawyers pride ourselves on being honest with our clients, not attorneys who try to provide you with documents you do not need. Althaus Law creates a relaxing and fun environment where all clients are educated on their options and are provided with all information so they can determine what works best with their goals.

Giving Back

Althaus Law prides itself on giving back to the communities that have given us the ability to do what we love. Our company culture is built around the opportunity to volunteer, put on community events, and ensure that we become part of the community instead of taking from it.

Prioritize and Care For Each Other

Althaus Law ensures that our clients and employees are prioritized and cared for. We pride ourselves on taking ownership of our actions and ensuring we provide the best service possible. This means that we hold each other accountable and create an environment where everyone is approached with compassion.

Do the Right Thing and Be a Resource

Working in estate planning means we encounter people with unique situations, and we are unable to help every person (no matter how much we want to). However, we always take the extra step to help whenever we can. If we are personally unable to assist someone, we typically know someone who can. If we don’t, we will give that person information on their next steps. We are here to be a resource to the community and work to lend a hand whenever we can.

It’s Okay to Have Fun


In all of our values, we try to keep things fun. We acknowledge that discussing death can be stressful. We want to provide a release from that stress not only for ourselves, but for our clients too. Our lawyers are only able to provide you with the best service if we are mentally and physically focused. Having fun allows us the outlet to enjoy each other’s company and regroup. We acknowledge hard work, and we like to take time to enjoy life in and out of the office when that work is a success.

Althaus Law Benefits

  • Retirement plan with matching contributions
  • Health insurance
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Monthly paid for massages at The Little Massage Shop
  • Team building events
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