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There’s a myriad of legal information and processes you must navigate if you want a strong estate plan that effectively protects the long-term interests of you and your family. At Althaus Law, we know the ins and outs of estate planning and can guide you through the entire process. We know what sorts of challenges you may face and how the state’s complex estate laws can apply to your unique situation. It’s our goal to simplify estate planning for you, so you can confidently prepare for the future and ensure your assets go exactly where you want them. 


We tailor a wide range of estate planning strategies to accommodate your needs, including: 

  • Drafting wills and trusts
  • Making guardianship arrangements
  • Establishing health care directives (including living wills)
  • Creating powers of attorney (including general, limited, property, health care, etc.)

Whether you’ve just started arranging your estate or need to revise an existing plan, Althaus Law’s estate planning lawyers can help you protect your assets and the financial well-being of your loved ones. We also help personal representatives (executors) with estate administration and probate, so they can avoid unnecessary conflicts between beneficiaries. 

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Wills, Trusts, and Probate in Colorado

Wills and Probate

Most estate plans begin with a will (“last will and testament”). These are legal documents that outline how you want your financial assets and property distributed after your death. They may also include decisions regarding the guardianship of any minor children or physical dependents, but additional steps should also be taken to ensure these arrangements are executed. In your will, you may also name a personal representative who is granted fiduciary duties to administer your estate and oversee the allocation of your assets. 

Depending on your estate plan, personal representatives may need to navigate a public legal process known as probate to transfer assets to the appropriate beneficiaries. During probate, personal representatives must coordinate with beneficiaries and creditors, file relevant documents with the court, litigate disputes, and transfer property. Probate can be intimidating, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process or if family members want to contest certain aspects of the will. 

Trusts or Wills? 

Something that can make the distribution of assets easier is incorporating one or more trusts into your estate plan. Like wills, trusts are documents that facilitate the transfer of assets. However, assets governed by trusts are kept private and are not required to go through probate. 

Trusts and wills each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Oftentimes, the most effective estate plans utilize both. Knowledgeable estate planning lawyers familiar with your state’s laws, like those at Althaus Law, can help you determine what you need to ensure your assets go to your loved ones without compromising their financial situation. 

Estate Planning and Probate Services in Northglenn and Surrounding Areas

We understand that you don’t want to drive to downtown Denver to see an estate planning lawyer. Not only is I-25 horrible during the day, but parking in the city can also be a nightmare. Our office building has its own lot and is conveniently located in the north suburbs (off of 112th Ave and Huron). This makes it an easy stop for residents of Northglenn, Thornton, Brighton, Westminster, and Broomfield

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