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So you are a younger individual and wondering, “Why should I have an estate plan as a young professional? Do I really need a will?” Good questions. There are many benefits that a solid estate plan can provide to younger couples and individuals, and everyone should have a will.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of estate planning for you, contact Althaus Law today. We have helped numerous younger individuals set up estate plans that help them prepare for a better future.

Why Should I Have An Estate Plan As A Young Adult?

Putting together a seamless estate plan with wills, trusts, guardianships, powers of attorney and other advance health care directives can provide you with many advantages, including:

  • Protecting your children should anything happen to you
  • Ensuring your assets go exactly where you would want them to
  • Ensuring there is an individual who can handle your finances, keep up with bills and resolve any medical issues should you be unable to
  • Allowing you to lay out how you would like to be treated in any medical situation that should arise

Discover The Benefits of Estate Planning For Young Couples and Individuals

It is hard to think about, but usually couples are involved in serious accidents together. If no one else is assigned to handle your affairs if you are incapacitated, you could fall behind on house payments, bills, loan payments and, even more serious, your children would be left with no one to care for them. By simply establishing an affordable estate plan at a young age, you can feel safe knowing that all of these issues are thoroughly prepared for should the worst happen.

Why Should I Care Where My Assets Go At A Young Age?

Planning for the future not only helps secure your own interests and safeguard your assets, but it can also be used to help those who are close to you. Maybe you have student loans that a parent or relative has co-signed, or perhaps you have a close friend or sibling that could really benefit by being a beneficiary on one of your accounts (whether it be life insurance or a retirement account). By planning ahead, you can avoid having the state decide what happens to you and your assets, and direct your property to those who would need it most.

Start Obtaining All Of The Benefits That An Estate Plan Provides To Young Professionals

Whether you are a young professional with no children or a young couple planning ahead, estate planning can help you to have a more secure future. Begin building your estate plan today

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