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The will is the most common and well-known estate planning device in America. It is an essential part to almost all estate plans, but many individuals fail to realize the importance of these documents. Not only can a simple will help you direct where your assets go in the future, but it can also help with probate, save your family money, and prevent your family from many arguments that may arise down the road.

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Do You Have Will Drafting Questions? We Have the Answers.

To put it simply, a will is a stack of papers that lets you name the person in charge of the probate process. You say where your assets should go, and you can even name a guardian for minor children to ensure their protected futures.

We receive many questions about wills and can help address many of your concerns, including:

  • Do I need a will or a trust?
  • How do I avoid probate?
  • Can I keep my family out of court?
  • Can people contest my will?
  • How do I disinherit someone?
  • How can I protect my children?
  • Who gets my house?

We can also help address concerns about any business interests you may have and how to properly transfer title of them after your passing.

Getting a Will is as Easy as 1-2-3!

  • First, call us at (720) 513-2299. You may also contact us online for a free initial consultation.
  • Second, we have a planning meeting to design a will that meets your goals.
  • Third, you sign the documents, and you get to rest easy knowing your family is protected! Get the peace of mind you deserve today!

Do I Need a Will? A Trust? Both?

There is a lot of conflicting information regarding whether a person needs a will or a trust. Generally, when you start sharing with your family members and friends that you are looking into estate planning, it seems like everyone is an expert and knows exactly what you need. In reality, the first step to figuring out what type of plan will work the best for you is to lay out what your goals are and what you are concerned about.

To determine what documents will help you reach your goals, schedule a meeting with one of our Longmont and Thornton will attorneys. Call at (720) 513-2299, and our team will be happy to help you.

Do I Need Any Other Documents?

Wills and trusts deal with distribution of your assets after you have passed away. 

The documents that protect you and your assets are equally as important:

  • Financial power of attorney
  • Medical power of attorney
  • Living will (advanced directive)

A personal property memorandum is also a helpful document where you can leave special items to specific people. For example, you can ensure your great-grandfather’s pocket watch goes to Timmy or your pet Fluffy goes to Barbara.

Another important tool is a “Final Instructions and Disposition of Last Remains” document. This lets your loved ones know answers to the hard questions, such as whether to choose burial or cremation.

What Is a Living Will?

A living will, also known as an advanced directive, makes sure you are incapacitated and cannot communicate your decisions. A living will (also known as an advanced directive for medical or surgical treatment) is a document that lets you say whether or not you would like to be on life support if you are in a vegetative state or other type of terminal condition where you no longer have brain capacity.

What Happens if I Do not Have a Living Will?

Emotions are extra high when a loved one is incapacitated. Medical decisions leave the decision-maker filled with guilt and can cause irreparable rifts when family members disagree. Be sure your wishes are followed. With a living will, our team can help you keep your family together, even after you have passed.

How Do I Set Up a Living Will?

You can rest easy knowing that difficult decisions will never be in your family’s hands by getting your living will in place. Our Longmont and Thornton will lawyers can guide you through the difficult decisions and help keep your family intact.

Do you wonder how long you would be kept on life support if you were in a coma? Have you ever thought about who makes that decision and what goes into the process? You can be the one to make that decision, so your family doesn’t have to.

The answers to these questions come with a living will. If you have questions or are ready to put a living will in place, reach out to our lawyers online or call us at (720) 513-2299. We can guide you through the entire process.

Advantages to Having a Good Will

There are many advantages to having a properly prepared will, including:

  • You decide where your things go, not the state
  • Children can be protected by naming guardians for them
  • You get to name who is in charge, rather than having a judge decide

Many people ask us if drafting a will through an online document company is recommended. We understand we are biased, but our answer is definitely no. These companies can’t send you legally binding documents, they cannot properly fund your trust, and you don’t get advice from an attorney who focuses on estate planning.

Does a Will Avoid Court & Probate?

No! This is a common misconception. Just because you have a will does not mean you will keep your family out of court. There are many tools and tricks of the trade used to keep everyone out of probate, but you need a lawyer to make sure this happens. If you have questions, our team can help.

Rest easy knowing your plans are in order. Talk to our attorneys to draft your will today! You can call us at (720) 513-2299.

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