Guidance Through Colorado Probate for Out-of-State Executors

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Being appointed as Personal Representative (formerly known as an executor), is an extremely important and complex role. If you do not live in Colorado, it can become even more difficult. It is critical to have a lawyer in your corner that can guide you through the probate process and be the middle man when you aren’t able to deal directly with a business, creditor or other individual.

Have you been appointed as an executor of an estate, but do not live in Colorado? Do you have questions about how to proceed. If so, reach out to our law firm. Attorney Jeff Althaus can help you administer the estate and fulfill all of your legal duties in an efficient manner, no matter where you live. He has guided numerous individuals through the process and make sure your questions are answered.

Long Distance Probate in Colorado

Whether you are a Colorado resident needing to open a probate in another state or you are an out-of-towner who needs help opening a probate in Colorado, we are here for you. Attempting to run a probate from long distance can be frustrating and riddled with issues. Putting a knowledgeable and skilled lawyer in your corner can not only make your life easier, but move the process along much more efficiently and quickly.

There are many reasons for needing an out-of-state estate administration or probate. These reasons usually occur when the dececent:

  • Owned property outside of the state
  • Had a business outside of the state
  • Had ownership interests in land or a corporation out of state
  • Lived in multiple states for equal parts of the year

No matter what reason leads to you needing help with probate out-of-state, we can help.

Ancillary Probate

If you are attempting estate administration from Colorado but need help dealing with assets in a different state, you may need to open what is called ancillary probate. An ancillary probate proceeding happens when you open an estate in Colorado but the deceased individual owned property in another state. The other state will require that a probate proceeding be opened up in their jurisdiction in order to ensure that title is properly passed to a beneficiary or a buyer.

Ancillary probates can be very difficult to handle on your own. Most require the assistance of an attorney who is licensed in the other state in order to make sure the laws are followed correctly.

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