Probate In Colorado: Why You Need An Attorney

Jeff Althaus

When someone close to you dies, and you’re in charge of probate for the estate, this can seem like an overwhelming responsibility, at an already difficult time.

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Depending on the complexity of the estate and the assets that need to be sold and distributed to complete probate, you could face confusing financial and legal situations that require the help of a probate attorney.

In Colorado, legally, you can settle an estate and clear probate without the assistance of a lawyer, but below are the top reasons to hire a probate attorney.

Experience in Probate

As knowledgeable probate attorneys, we know the Colorado laws and federal laws that apply to estates and are familiar with probate court proceedings. We can ensure that everything is done properly, legally, and on time. Having worked in the Deputy Public Administrator’s office in Adams County, Colorado, Jeff Althaus has handled many unique scenarios when it comes to handling these types of cases.

Complicated Estates

Some estates are fairly easy to settle, while others can be extremely complicated. If, for example, the estate includes commercial real estate or a business that requires ongoing management, appraisal, and/or liquidation, probate can be difficult and time-consuming. We can help you with all aspects of probate.

High Value Estates

If you’re probating a high-value estate, you’ll need expert legal advice. Colorado doesn’t have an estate tax (or an inheritance tax), so there’s nothing to worry about there. But if the estate is worth more than $11.4 million for singles or $22.8 million for couples, federal estate taxes kick in.

Debts Exceed Assets Estates

If you’re settling an estate that has more debts than assets, it can be particularly beneficial to use a probate attorney. Please consult us before you pay any bills! Colorado law gives some creditors “first dibs,” on the assets of the estate, and it’s important that you follow the letter of the law.

Strife Among Beneficiaries (Or Non-Beneficiaries)

If there’s even a hint of discord among family members or other beneficiaries who have been included in the will (or left out), it’s a good idea to have a lawyer by your side as you go through probate. We can help resolve probate issues while they’re minor, potentially avoiding longer, more expensive legal battles.

Peace Of Mind That The Estate Has Been Properly Settled

Once an estate has been properly settled with the help of a probate attorney, you can rest assured that everything was done correctly and that nothing will crop up down the line. Our goal is to assist you with every step of probate, giving you peace of mind, not only during probate, but also for years to come after it.

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